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Modern equipment for high-resolution medical imaging

Thanks to the latest machines, we are able to offer you MRI and X-ray tests in the highest quality and comfort.

Our open 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner MAGNETOM AERA is designed to make examinations as comfortable as possible for patients.

Four plus points for more patient comfort with the MAGNETOM AREA

  • Feet first and head outside
    Thanks to the short magnet, almost all examinations can be carried out with the feet going in first. The patient’s head then remains outside the machine.
  • More headroom
    The MAGNETOM AERA has a wide opening of 70 cm. Claustrophobic patients and children in particular feel relaxed and safe thanks to the headroom.
  • Short examination times
    Thanks to the optimised technology (Tim 4G + Dot), the MRI scan can be done within a short time.
  • Outstanding image quality
    The strong 1.5 Tesla magnet delivers excellent image quality, which enables detection of even the smallest anomalies without any problems.